Berukut hal-hal yang dapat diteladani dari tokoh dalam teks biografi, kecuali

Berukut hal-hal yang dapat diteladani dari tokoh dalam teks biografi, kecuali….
A Sikap hidup
B Pandangan hidup
C prestasi
D Menghalalkan berbagai cara
E Riwayat pendidikan

Jawaban :

B Pandangan hidup

BACA JUGA  General Sudirman was a high ranking Indonesian military officer during the Indonesian national revolution. He was the first commander-in-chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces, he continues to be widely respected in the country. On 12 November 1945, at an election to decide the military’s commander-in-chief in YogyakartA. The 24 years old Sudirman was chosen over Oerip Soemohardjo in a close votE. While waiting to be confirmed, Sudirman ordered an assault on British and Dutch forces in AmbarawA. The ensuing battle and British withdrawal strengthened Sudirman’s popular support, and he was ultimately confirmed on 18 December. General Sudirman commanded military activities throughout Java, including a show of force in Yogyakarta on 1 March 1949. When the Dutch began withdrawing, in July 1949 Sudirman was recalled to Yogyakarta and forbidden to fight further. In late 1949 Sudirman’s tuberculosis returned, and he retired to Magelang, where he died slightly more than a month after the Dutch recognised Indonesia’s independencE. He is buried at Semaki Heroes’ Cemetery in Yogyakarta. … and forbidden to fight further “. In paragraph 2. The underlined word has closest meaning with